Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Write to your MP for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Code Pink
Last night, John McDonnell tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM)* calling for the immediate withdrawal of British forces from Iraq (see text below). To my knowledge this is the first EDM calling for immediate withdrawal (and it is certainly the only one to have been tabled in the last 17 months).
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EDM 335 IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL FROM IRAQ 28:11:06John McDonnellJeremy CorbynThat this House notes with alarm the conclusion of the October 2006 Lancet report that coalition forces in Iraq have been directly responsible for the deaths of at least 186,000 Iraqis since the start of the 2003 invasion; recognises that according to a September 2006 Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) poll, 78 per cent. of Iraqis believe that the US military presence in Iraq is provoking more conflict than it is preventing; recalls the conclusion of the April 2006 US National Intelligence Estimate on global terrorism that The Iraq conflict has become the cause celebre for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement; further notes the recent statement by the Head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, that British forces should be withdrawn from Iraq soon because their presence exacerbates the security problems; further notes that there have been over 118 British military deaths in Iraq since the 2003 invasion; and calls on the Government to withdraw all British forces from Iraq immediately.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

One in three children in wales are undernourished!

Hungry Wales children need whole milk, says NFU25/11/2006 - One in three children in Wales are undernourished, suffering from malnutrition or arrive at school unfed and hungry - and they need whole milk, says NFU Cymru. NFU Cymru has offered its backing to the Welsh Assembly Go...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Campaign for Decent council housing

Funding Decent Council Housing
Austin Mitchell MP has tabled a new motion (
EDM 136 Funding Decent Council Housing) following the Queens Speech. Ask MP(s) to sign to demonstrate their support for the ‘Fourth Option’ for council housing, a ‘level playing field’ and real choice for council tenants (email your MP).
149 MPs backed motion
EDM 48 in the last Parliament. Ask all tenants and trade union organisations to write to local MPs urging them to sign up. Tell your MPs to lobby the Treasury for the ‘Fourth Option’ to be included in the Comprehensive Spending Review next spring and ask them to join the House of Commons Council Housing group.

Majority of tenants’ ballots voting NO
The majority of ballots in 2006 have gone against privatisation. Tenants, trade unionists and councillors opposing privatisation are still massively out resourced by one-sided council campaigns but we have showed we can stop them when we organise effectively. If a council is pushing transfer, ALMO or PFI in your region please help campaign against (see
list) in forthcoming ballots to finally kill privatisation off. These are the areas affected:-
Rhondda, Cynon, Taff

Campaign website

Breastfeeding militants show you how to do it!

Militant breasting cult!
Postcard from Norway. The Stavanger chapter of Ammehjelpen had the picture taken by a local photographer for the ad. Helsekost means "healthfood" and Gode råd om amming means "Good advice on Breastfeeding." This picture was shown as a slide before every feature length film in the cinemas of Stavanger in 1994 as an ad for the Ammehjelpen services in that city. Check out their Web site for breastfeeding information in Norweigian and English. You can also order cards or T-shirts at or email Rachel at for more information. Includes breasting videos.

Fight for the right to breastfeed!

Breasts are it but trying using them for the purpose they were intended for and wow do they kick up a fuss!

Nursing moms protest at airportsHouston Chronicle, United States - Nov 22, 2006By JOHN CURRAN. AP. SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — Carrying signs with slogans such as "Best in-flight meal ever," scores of mothers breast ...
Cover up, you offend meElectric New Paper, Singapore - Nov 23, 2006HE flight attendant felt offended when Ms Emily Gillette of New Mexico breast-fed her 22-month-old daughter. Protesting mum Velisha ...
Lactivists fight for the right to breastfeedGuardian Unlimited, UK - Nov 23, 2006America has been swept by an unusual protest movement. It is called lactivism and involves hundreds of women taking to the check

Friday, November 24, 2006

42% of young people know girls whose boyfriends have hit them

EVAW Poll -22/11/2006
On Monday 20th November, EVAW published an ICM poll that showed that;-

42% of young people (16-20) know girls whose boyfriends have hit them and-

40% of young people know girls who have been coerced or pressurised to have sex

Worryingly, 59% of young people feel they do not have enough information and support to deal with these issues. EVAW is calling for the Government to ensure that these issues are addressed in the school curriculum as part of a broader strategy to end violence against women

Only 2 Rape Crisis Centres in Wales? Details here

New Pathways Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Service
Merthyr Tydfil
Tel (Office) 01685 37910Fax 01685 384640 Website:

North West Wales Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (N.W.W)- Canolfan Gefnogaeth Trais a Cham-drin Rhywiol (G.O.C)
NORTH WEST WALES - RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE SUPPORT CENTRE (N.W.W.)- Canolfan Gefnogaeth Trais a Cham-drin Rhywiol (G.O.C)PO Box 87 / Blwch Post 87 Caernarfon Gwynedd LL55 9AA
Office / Swyddfa: 01286 669267Helpline / Llinell Gymorth: 01286 669266

Government not dealing with violence against women

Govt 'not dealing with violence against women' - London,UK... needing help. In 1984, there were 68 women-only rape crisis centres or helplines in England and Wales – today there are just 32. It ...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Working with jerks!

I hate working with jerks. Managers who belittle and oppress one victim after another shouldn't be hired. And if people turn mean on the job, and won't change, they ought to be fired. Nearly everyone I've ever met agrees with this sentiment in theory but the problem is that jerkdom is so institutionalized and rewarded I can't see any way out! Can you?

I hate working with jerks!

I hate working with jerks. Managers who belittle and oppress one victim after another shouldn't be hired. And if people turn mean on the job, and won't change, they ought to be fired. Nearly everyone I've ever met agrees with this sentiment in theory but the problem, is that jerkdom is so institutionalized and rewarded I can't see any way forward!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Storm over paedophile age claims

A WELSH police chief was last night at the centre of a furious row over paedophilia after suggesting illegal sex with teenagers was "a grey area".

Terry Grange, who is in charge of the Dyfed-Powys Force, drew a livid response from politicians and children's charities after he said the term paedophile should not necessarily be used for adults sexually involved with children between 13 and 15.
Nov 20 2006 Sam Burson, Western Mail

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Is sex with under 16s a 'grey' area?

Should young men who have sex with girls aged 13 or over be classed as paedophiles?A chief constable has said the word "paedophile" should only apply to men who have sex with prepubescents. In a newspaper interview, Dyfed-Powys chief Terry Grange said his views reflected a "grey area". The charity Kidscape said he was "on very dicey ground". Do you agree or disagree with Mr Grange's views? How would you define paedophilia? Is the issue a "grey area" or "very dicey ground"? BBC

Young men who have sex with girls or boys aged 13 or over should be classed as paedophiles. Thirty is not young - we are talking about adult men here taking advantage and manipulating, then raping girls and boys too. Few enough are held to account and convicted for rape at present. Has Police chief Terry Grange any idea of the life long trauma sexual abuse causes. He should be sacked.

Complaints choir to cheer you up!

helsinki complaints choir

Birmingham complaints choir

Friday, November 17, 2006

Working parents 'cause Asbo society'

Nov 17 2006 Sam Burson, Western Mail
WORKING parents who put their children into nursery to continue their careers are fuelling the Asbo generation, blah, blah..says the Right Rev Carl Cooper, whose addresses often hit the headlines.

Do we have to be lectured to on raising our children by yet another self appointed male 'expert'?
We couldn't be blamed for thinking that the inference is that mothers should be at home etc. Yet the most anti-social folk in our society are usually adult men who are violent to women and make the Cardiff the city centre such a frightening place at night! Maybe that is down to the lousy role models that our young people seem to be encouraged to emulate like bullies Gordan Ramsey, hawk Tony Blair.. any more suggestions? What do you think?

Single mothers to be offered paedophile check on partners

Report says people should also have right to know if sex offenders live in their area Lucy Ward, social affairs correspondentFriday November 17, 2006.....some of Britain's most wanted child sex offenders will be identified publicly today on a new website dedicated to tracking them down. It is thought to be the first time that details of convicted paedophiles have been published nationwide by Britain's law enforcement agencies

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has set up the site, at to appeal for information about child sex offenders who have disappeared off the radar.


Bra-maker to turn Japanese women into bag ladies

TOKYO, Nov 8 (AFP) Nov 08, 2006The "Bra Rangers" A lingerie maker, in a bid to discourage Japanese from using plastic bags, on Wednesday unveiled a bra whose cup padding unfolds to become a handheld shopping bag.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Anti-War then tell your AM no support if they are pro-war

Take a Stand

What if you the voters decided to vote their conscience and said 'No More War Candidates'?

You are a powerful political force, the peace vote, a force that politicians cannot continue to ignore. Send a clear message to the hawkish minority that leads both major parties to end the occupation of Iraq and to end unprovoked attacks on other nations.

Write to
your AM or candidate for the Assembly elections 2007 and tell them that...
"I will not vote for or support any candidate for the Welsh Assembly Government who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign."
Write to your MP too. To find your MP or Who is my MP
If you are an anti war candidate contact us!