Monday, July 7, 2008

Morgan Mafia

So Rhodri, where are real people? Wales Online

Four of the members are political appointees, nominated by the major parties. Eight represent groups, including the Wales Women’s National Coalition, ...See all stories on this topic

Morgan mafia?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Human rights challenges?

Ironic then that they had a "ground-breaking" summit event to discuss the key challenges in putting human rights at the heart of Welsh public services in partnership with Public Service Management Wales.

Neil Wooding is is the Director of Public Service Management Wales, an organisation set up by the Welsh Assembly Government and public service organisations for the purpose of building 'leadership' and managerial capacity.

Neil Wooding, also Wales Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission before that was EOC Commissioner for Wales working with kate. They launched their new human rights inquiry in Wales!!! Any chance of an honest inquiry? Who dares speak? Hierarchy = human rights and equality.....don't think so. Don't need a enquiry to find that out. Give staff a voice.