Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More stoppages at british eneryy - Yarl wood women -

British energy has had to close down four reactors amongst its
ageing fleet of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGR).

Women in Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, whom we are working with
on a daily basis, have asked us to circulate their letter (see below)
highlighting the appalling conditions and grave injustice they face in

Tony benn signs petition against military academy

Benn backing petition against academy

VETERAN left-wing politician Tony Benn has signed a petition opposing plans to build a £14bn defence training academy at RAF St Athan....

Now you can sign it to!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

PCS: Union welcomes MoD U-turn on training privatisation
Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 16:22

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) welcomed today’s announcement by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to halt the privatisation of approximately 4,000 staff who train the armed forces in driving armoured vehicles, lorries and jeeps as well as languages.

The union hailed the decision to keep one half of defence training in the public sector as a victory for common sense which would ensure world class training for the armed forces whilst providing value for money for the taxpayer.

PCS called on the MoD to see sense and halt the privatisation of the other half of defence training which includes technical and mechanical training. The union warned that pushing ahead with remaining half of defence training would represent poor value for money and lead to a loss of knowledge and experience as staff would refuse to relocate to the new training base in South Wales.

The main sites that will be remaining in the public sector are: Worthy Down and Marchwood in Winchester, Southwark Park in Portsmouth, Leconfield n Hull, , Aldershot, Beaconsfield and Chicksands in Cambridgeshire. PCS members are currently voting on further national strike action across the civil service as part of the union’s campaign against job cuts, below inflation pay and privatisation.

The campaign has already seen two strongly supported national one day strikes this year. The ballot closes on 31 October 2007 and the result is expected to be announced shortly after.

Commenting, Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, said: “Thanks to the well argued case put by PCS, the MoD have rightly recognised that keeping the linguistics and driver training of armed forces in the public sector, not only represents value for money but ensures the continuity in world class training. They now have to see sense and recognise that privatising the remainder of defence training will result in poor value for money and a poorer quality of training for our armed forces as experienced staff refuse to relocate. The union can take heart from this announcement and will be making a renewed effort to convince the MoD that the remaining privatisation is unnecessary and damaging.” ENDS Notes to editors:

For further information, interviews and comment please contact Alex Flynn PCS national press officer on 020 7801 2820 or 07833 978216.

PCS, the Public and Commercial Services Union is the union representing civil and public servants in central government. It has over 315,000 members in over 200 departments and agencies. It also represents workers in parts of government transferred to the private sector. PCS is the UK’s sixth largest union and is affiliated to the TUC. The general secretary is Mark Serwotka and the president is Janice Godrich. Alex Flynn National Press Officer Public and Commercial Services Union 160 Falcon Rd London SW11 2LN Direct line: 020 7801 2747 Mobile: 07833 978 216 Fax: 020 7924 1847

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tony Benn signs our petition against St Athan Military Academy

Tony Benn supports our petition. No2 the military academy St Athan

Now you can sign it too...

Once upon a time WMDs

Curveball: The Iraqi Defector the Bush Team Used to Sell the War By Joshua Holland, AlterNetA interview with the author of a new book on the Iraqi defector code-named "Curveball," whose made-up intelligence on Saddam's WMD programs was central to the Bush Administration's case for invasion. Read more »

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saudi BAE corruption meeting

Campaign Against Arms Trade
As part of the November Control BAE speaking tour, speakers from CAAT and The Corner House are coming to a venue near you for a public meeting about our legal challenge and campaign to get the Saudi-BAE corruption inquiry reopened. We are writing to invite you to attend and to ask you to invite others to come along too.

WHEN? 7pm, Wednesday 7th November

WHERE? Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3AP (map)

WHY? The speaking tour is part of CAAT's Control BAE month of action and aims to raise awareness of the campaign and build a wider grassroots movement of people calling for an end to UK arms exports and the corruption which reportedly surrounds them.

Please help us to get people along to this important meeting. Attached are a leaflet and a poster publicising the event. Please forward this email on to friends, colleagues and other groups you are involved in, or contact for free paper copies of the leaflet and/or poster to distribute locally.

We hope you can come to what promises to be an exciting and informative public meeting and a chance to meet other campaigners in your area.


Public Meeting
Monday, Oct 29. 7.30 Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff

Cuba's world class health and education systems, an example for developing nations? - Roger Bevan, Cymru Cuba

Can Nicaragua achieve the Millennium Development Goals? - Ben Gregory, Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Organised by Cardiff and District UNA Branch, Cymru Cuba, Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Government to support Wyfla power station? Nuclear sleeze..

SUPPORTERS pushing for a replacement Wylfa power station on Anglesey face a wait of about two months before the UK government reveals whether it is backing new nuclear plants. (after that 'consultation)
Daily Post 17th Oct 2007 So Private industry is expected to undertake the billions of pounds of new investment needed for the next generation of nuclear sites – including the costs of waste disposal and decommissioning – don't believe a word of it! Stop it now - Wales can create energy without a nuclear pollution plant. Come on Rhrodri - tell 'em to get lost.

So predictable .....senior advisor...nuclear expert? More new labour shame..disgraceful... and he uses too much hair perhaps they could sponser pudding face a make over.
Nuclear Sleeze
THE former trade and industry minister Ian McCartney is to be paid up to £115,000 a year to advise one of the world’s largest nuclear companies. McCartney, who left the government last June, will act as senior adviser to managers at Fluor Corporation, a US multinational. Fluor, in partnership with Toshiba, the Japanese electronics giant, is on a shortlist of four seeking to win a contract worth about £18 billion for decommissioning Sellafield nuclear power station.
Sunday Times 14th Oct 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007


Calls to protect back gardens as 'greenfield'UKTV Gardens - London,UKThe Green Party has called for the building of homes on back gardens to stop. In the wake of growing concerns about the 'garden grabbing' phenomenon of new ...

Ask your MP for better biofuels

Next week MPs will be voting on whether to massively increase the use of biofuels in the UK.
Without stronger sustainability reporting requirements, any increase is likely to:

Fuel rainforest destruction.
Increase food prices.
Encourage destructive monocultures.

The ability of most biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any meaningful way is also in question.
The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will make it compulsory to blend all road fuels with biofuels.
It doesn't distinguish between different biofuels, and if it's implemented there will be no going back.
Ask your MP to think twice before voting in favour of the RTFO

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peter Hain and Rhrodri Morgan Set out case for remaining in UK!!! =morgan mafia
Wales United: partnership for progress Sell out pair ..Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan
September 2007, 28pp. English.

Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan set out a case for Wales remaining within the United Kingdom, arguing that political union brings advantages to Wales at the same as devolution has also brought many benefits.
Download a copy here.

all about St Athan ...well we can't be independant then..

New labour agree destruction of Ffos-y-fran

what is the problem - how can they do it to wales and destroy the environment and ruin the lives of people in Merthyr - put their health in jeopardy..collude to invite this appalling destruction - why aren't people screaming about this ???

The New Coal Age
Posted: 09 Oct 2007 04:14 AM CDT
A vast new opencast pit will ruin local people’s lives and wreck the government’s climate change policies. How was it allowed to happen?

By George Monbiot

A vast new opencast pit will ruin local people’s lives and wreck the government’s climate change policies. How was it allowed to happen?

. Published in the Guardian 9th October 2007.
.... in a secure compound behind me were the heaviest beasts I have ever seen - 1300 horsepower or more - lined up and ready to start digging the one of the largest opencast coalmines in Europe. In Romania perhaps? The Czech republic? On a hilltop in south Wales. The diggers at Ffos-y-fran, on the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil, will excavate 1000 acres of land to a depth of 600 feet. There has never been a hole quite like it here, and our government’s climate change policies are about to fall into it.

the Welsh government and the Westminster government have collaborated with the developers to force it through, using questionable methods. I have found evidence which suggests to me that a member of Tony Blair’s government used false information to seek to persuade the Welsh administration to approve the pit. But perhaps the most remarkable fact is this: that outside Merthyr Tydfil hardly anyone knows it is happening.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Labour left sell out!! roll up ..unwinable seats going..any bugger will do

LRC looking for candidates to stand at the next General Election
Desparate for people to stand for

We need YOU to reclaim the Party! who are you kidding??

CLPs across the country are currently looking for candidates to stand
for Labour at the next General Election.

Could you be an MP? The left needs people to stand for Parliament, or we will never turn around the current New Labour dominance in the PLP.If you want to try for an unwinnable seat ,this is your chance . If the seat was worth fighting...i.e. winnable then it would gp to some new labour ass licker ..

We have attached a copy of the standard CV, and copied below is a list of parliamentary seats with upcoming deadlines for nominations. If you are applying for one of the seats below, please email us to let us know, and we will do what we can to help. Good luck!
(If you're not keen to stand, please let us know if your CLP has
already selected their candidate for the next election - and what
they're like.)

If you are actually a leftie may want to stand against someone who has stood agains new labour control freakery and sonewhat to the left of new labour??? Get real .. is this a new labour joke? Get real!!

Seat: Blaenau Gwent Held by: Ind> Majority: 2,488
> 2nd place: Lab
Closing date for applications: 12 October Shortlisting: 14 November
Hustings: 5 December Procedures Secretary: Lyndon Moore Ty Garth 8 Chapel Road Nantyglo Ebbw Vale Gwent NP23 4NB Tel: 01495 310340 Email: As Lyndon is away at the beginning of October, you can also register your interest with
Lynn Glaister Welsh Labour Organiser Transport House 1 Cathedral Road
Cardiff CF11 9HA
> 02920 877700

Seat: Arfon New seat
> AWS: No - open selection
> Closing date for applications: 3 October
> Shortlisting: 15 October
> Hustings: 3 November
> Procedures Secretary: Tecwyn Thomas
> 7 Constantine Terrace
> Caernarfon
> Gwynedd
> LL55 2HL
> Tel: 01286 673473
> Email: > Seat: Chingford & Woodford Green

> Seat: Enfield Southgate

> Seat: Kingston and Surbiton

Seat: Aylesbury Held by: Con

Seat: Worthing West Held by: Con Majority: 9,379
Seat: Gainsborough Held by: Con
Seat: South Holland and the Deepings Held by: Con Majority: 15,780
seat: Ruislip Northwood & Pinner New seat
Seat: West Dorset Held by: Con
Seat: North Somerset Held by: Con
Seat: North Wiltshire Held by: Con
Banbury Held by: Con
Seat: Ilford North Held by: Con
Seat: Uxbridge & South Ruislip New seat
Seat: Kensington New seat AWS: No - open selection
Seat: The Cotswolds Held by: Con
seat: Stratford-on-Avon Held by: Con
Seat: East Surrey Held by: Con

Stop the St Athan Military AcademyNext

Meeting at Temple of Peace / Y Deml Heddwch
2pm Saturday October 6th
Cathays Park / Parc CathaysCardiff / Caerdydd CF10 3AP

The campaign against the mega military training academy at St Athan for Cynefin y Werin
For more information see also

St Athan Facebook group:

Monday, October 1, 2007

TUC challenging racism conference Cardiff

Wales TUC Challenging Racism Conference
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2007
Location County Hall, Cardiff Bay

Free of charge but you need to register in advance.

The Wales TUC Challenging Racism Conference will take place on 27th October in Cardiff Bay. The conference will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. The event is at Cardiff County Hall in Cardiff Bay. Part of the day is open to public, part of the day will be motion based and just for trade union delegates.
Contact for more information
Chris Hartwell on or 029 2034 7010