Monday, April 30, 2007

New Labour Leeds Postal Vote Scandal

Is it happening here in Wales too? - An undercover Times reporter made secret tape recordings last week which would appear to confirm many people’s fears that senior Labour figures are carrying out sharp practices which could have a decisive effect on the outcome of this week’s local elections.

The Electoral Commission, the official electoral watchdog, says canvassers must not solicit postal votes and should post votes only if specifically asked to do so. However, Maserat Ghafoor, a 39-year-old housewife, said she, too, had felt under pressure when a Labour councillor was brought to her home by a relative. She said the councillor asked her whether she needed help filling out her postal vote.

Politicians involved are Graham Hyde *, a Labour councillor who works as a parliamentary aide to the local MP George Mudie, a former whip and staunch Brown supporter. Keith Wakefield, the Labour group’s leader.

Wakefield yesterday denied he had ever instructed canvassers to solicit postal votes. He said the ballot paper had new instructions this year and the canvassers had merely been instructed to take details of anyone who was having difficulty. Their details would be passed on, he said, to the council’s electoral office, which could then help them

*Graham Hyde represents Seacroft, also in East Leeds. The local MP is the well known rightwing fixer and all-round Brown supporting reactionary, George Mudie. He is apt to have a finger in every Labour pie going and still thinks of himself as 'Mr. Leeds.'

Mudie's arrogance is well known and alienated many Labour voters in Gipton and Harehills in particular. His rudeness, when he develops an animosity is never far below the service.

Postal union chief to quit Labour's NEC

This story from Oliver Morgan, industrial editor Sunday April 29, 2007
The Observer Postal union leader Dave Ward is to step down as a member of Labour's ruling national executive committee, saying there is a conflict of interest between fighting government policy and sitting on the body. The news comes as the Communication Workers Union meets this week to finalise the timing of a strike ballot over Royal Mail's latest pay offer. Ward, who has opposed the introduction of competition into postal services and is fighting plans to close the company's final salary pension scheme to new members, says the union will launch a nationwide campaign against government policy on 15 May

He said: 'I believe this government's policies have been more hostile to postal workers than any previous government.'In a letter to CWU members informing them of his decision to stand down from the NEC, he says: 'I feel there is a growing conflict of interests between my role in representing and defending the views of the CWU and continuing to spend time on the Labour Party NEC.''It is now essential we devote our energies to challenging government policy on competition and their recent commercial agreement with Royal Mail.'

...Good news he had the guts to quit and defend the postal service from decimation or what the government call introducing competition.

Body Parts Scandal

Wales on Sunday report that TWO nuclear power stations in Wales may be included in a national inquiry into a major radioactive body parts scandal. Wylfa in Anglesey and Trawsfynydd in Gwynedd could form part of a government probe into whether organs were taken from deceased workers without their families' consent.....

British Nuclear Fuels - runs Wylfa and Trawsfynydd -
Wyfla, pictured above employs 660 workers, was the last and largest of the Magnox type of nuclear reactor power station of its type to be built in the UK. It started electricity generation in 1971 and will cease to do so in 2010. Wylfa Nuclear Power Station is situated just west of Cemaes, Anglesey, the northernmost village in Wales.

Trawsfynydd, which employs 500 workers, ceased to generate electricity in 1991.

Wales has two nuclear power stations. Trawsfynydd is closed and Wylfa is due to close in 2010. You can have your say in the consultaion to ensure that Wales has a nuclear free energy future. Say NO to nuclear power - Keep Wales Nuclear Free - The "Keep Wales Nuclear-Free" petition has been launched by Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth. The petition is available at The group also want people to write to Blair. Sample letter available at

Sunday, April 29, 2007

How One Moment could end the War!

A piece of paper will soon be placed on George Bush's desk in the Oval Office. By picking up a pen and signing his name to it, he couldend the war in Iraq.The House and Senate united and passed a bill that wouldprovide for our troops now and begin a redeployment from Iraq to bring themhome.We're just one signature away from ending the tragicmistake that has cut short thousands of American lives, cost tens ofbillions of dollars, and destroyed America's global moral leadership. Butonly if the president signs the bill.I opposed this war from the beginning, and I would signthe bill to end it in a heartbeat.

If you would too, please take a moment to tell someone just how simple it would be to end this war:

All of the politics, all of the spin, all of the rhetoricmeans very little today.The overwhelming majority of Americans want this war toend. The president must follow them.
America is one signature away.

Barack Obama

Friday, April 27, 2007

Plaid Cymru split over nuclear power?

Yes, it seems they are.....ELIN JONES this week dismissed a Plaid Cymru split over nuclear power. The Ceredigion candidate insisted it was of no significance that the party was anti-nuclear while its leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, backed a nuclear replacement within the next 10 years for the Wylfa power plant on Anglesey. Successive Plaid manifestos rule out new nuclear power stations, but Mr Jones said he would support the development because he had a “re-sponsibility to defend jobs”, subject to assurances concerning the level of investment, the number of jobs that would be created and proposals for dealing with nuclear waste.

Rival candidates - apart from the Liberal Democrats - back a new power station and accused Mr Jones of fudging the issue. But Elin Jones said she defended the right of any AM, including a party leader, to disagree with official policy.
Aberystwyth Today 26th April 2007

Plaid should dump this Mr Jones. Either you are for or against nuclear power! This is too serious a matter to let one man decide on this issue.
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Sophie Howe promises

Bombarded with election leaflets for Cardiff North where the big issue is antisocial behaviour according to asbo Cllr Howe Sophie Howe. In Cardiff North? Perhaps she should visit some other parts of the UK, Cardiff even ...She is obsessed with asbo stuff, perhaps she thinks it is the only new labour policy to boast of...em..only it is so right wing.

Other Cllr Sophie Howe new labour polices
A fully staffed office – is that sharing with daddy Peter Howe, Julie Morgans 'spin doctor'? (Picture of Peter Howe) Vote Sophie get Peter. Who is going to pay for this office? I don't want to vote for an office.

Sophie Howes priority is to tackle what antisocial behaviour in Cardiff North? No mention of How. Perhaps she might produce figures for all this imagined anti social behaviour. What about more youth facilities like a skateboard park in Whitchurch which cost how much and then was built and then demolished!

Sophie Howe promises to protect green spaces and heritage but as a councillor has not stopped historical buildings demolished and gardens concreted over in Whitchurch as a result of Labour policy - John Prescott defining gardens as ‘Brownfield’.

Sophie Howe promises ‘Safe’ roads but can’t stop parking on double yellow lines in Whitchurch, pavement parking everywhere making pavements dangerous for pedestrians. Where are the dropped kerbs and pedestrian crossings, in Whitchurch there is no green man on the crossroads. Sophie wants more parking in the city centre for mothers so she isn’t environmentally friendly or aware.

Rhrodri gets a make over?

Watching Rodri Morgan on telly last night I noticed a big difference..yes... and what might that be you might well ask ....he had his hair done...not the usual unruly mess but perfectly ..well ...done and smart tie and clean shirt .....I wonder who did him? I could do with a make over myself!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

PCS Make your Vote count campaign

The Welsh Assembly elections are now only a week away and it is important that PCS makes the most of the time remaining to build on what has been achieved by our 'Make Your Vote Count' campaign.

The responses PCS received from the leaders of the main parties in Wales to our questions about pay, job cuts, etc. have been posted on the PCS Wales pages of the national union website The questions PCS Wales asked are as follows
1. Where do you stand on cutting civil service jobs in the devolved and non-devolved civil service in Wales?
2. How much importance do you attach to the provision of well staffed local offices providing the public with the option of face to face contact?
3. Where do you stand on privatising public services?
4. Do you agree that Welsh civil servants deserve fair play on pay and would you like to comment on the current method of civil service pay delivery?
5. Do you support the introduction of regional pay in the public sector?These elections are a major opportunity to raise the political profile of PCS members' concerns, so please do what you can to help make the campaign a success and encourage your branch members to do likewise.

SSP political broadcast

Anglesey WON'T say NO to a nuclear power station!

Have the politicans in Anglesey no sense? - perhaps they should ask the people of Wales whether they want a new nuclear power station......Ask your local candidates and those on the lists not to support New Nuclear Power plants.

.... Anglesey today took its case for a new nuclear power station to the Department of Trade and Industry. Led by the island MP Albert Owen, the high-powered delegation included County Council Leader Gareth Winston Roberts OBE, Managing Director, Derrick Jones, and Amicus Union regional officer, Alwyn Rowlands. They revealed that the meeting with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy, Lord Truscott, had been very positive. News Wales 25th April 2007

Get yourself a tshirt from the CND shop especially people in Anglesey

A good month to bury bad news

Martin Bright in the New Stateman highlights loads of 'BAD NEWS' stuff that New Labour wants to bury. He says he's told that John Reid is planning to use the Blair-Brown interregnum to shovel out all the overdue business of a famously dysfunctional department in an attempt to bury a veritable landfill of bad news!

'Children's charities have already been informed that the much-delayed research into a
British version of Megan's Law will be published...

A further flurry of potentially embarrassing research into systems for the supervision of the most dangerous sex offenders is also planned for publication later in the month. ....

A second considerably delayed report, into the costs of the government's ID card scheme, will also be published during this period' and ...

an early-release scheme for prisoners
Published 30 April 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Labour, New Britain: Taking liberties with our liberties...

...the advice of Tacitus. The great historian warned that "the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state."

Man chops off his Penis in restaurant!

so bored with welsh elections Man Chops Off His Penis In Restaurant Sky News - 24 Apr 2007 - A man is in hospital after chopping off his penis in a busy London restaurant. Horrified diners watched as the man ... thats the name of the restaurant!

Secret power sharing plans

Martin Shipton, Western Mail reports that LABOUR has been drawing up a series of secret options that could help it retain power, if it fails to win an overall majority in next week’s National Assembly election, it can be revealed today.Yesterday Rhodri Morgan firmly denied a BBC story that senior Labour figures were talking up the prospect of a deal with Plaid. He said, “This story is rubbish from start to finish."

Rhrodris cry of no surrender didn't last long. What politican won't share power when that is the only option? Even Ian Paisley capitulated eventually.

Was it just Monday Rhrodri Morgan was telling us Labour not out to seek a coalition Apr 23 2007 Western Mail; RHODRI MORGAN insisted he was running for a Labour-only government yesterday, when he was asked if he would accept Plaid Cymru's offer of a coalition to keep the Tories out.

CHRIS DAVIESCHIEF REPORTERCHRIS.DAVIES@SWWMEDIA.CO.UK10:30 - 23 April 2007 Labour is the only party looking to win control of the Assembly, according to First Minister Rhodri Morgan.He said that both Plaid and the Conservatives were only looking at linking up with other parties and were desperate to form a coalition.

PFI in Wales Pollutes Rhrodris 'Clear' red water

Rhrodri Morgan and New Labour in Wales are not entirely honest when it comes to PFI and there has been no discernible discussion with the voters of Wales and we must also ask how many people know about the use of PFI in Wales.

Wales has 40 PFI Wales Projects: with a Total Captial Value: £1,033 m
PFI projects . Energy management, healthcare and road projects are typical examples of the projects procured and schools ; (March 2006)

The Wales Office’s IT equipment is provided and supported by Siemens Business Services (SBS) under a PFI contract which is held by the National Assembly for Wales. Information and Communications Technology equipment and services are provided to the Wales Office by the National Assembly for Wales under a Service Delivery Agreement. The Wales Office does not therefore own its IT equipment, or hold the contract for its provision.

second Severn Crossing
PFI Roads Monmouthshire Capital Value £'m 331
Ammanford Police Station PFI Emergency Services Carmarthenshire
Capital Value £'m 8
HMP Parc PFI Prisons & Detention Centres Bridgend Capital Value £'m 74
North Wales Police Central Divisional Headquarters
PFI Emergency Services Denbighshire Capital Value £'m15
Hawk Simulator RAF Valley PFI Equipment Anglesey Capital Value £'m 20.204
A55 Llandygai to Holyhead Trunk Road PFI Roads Gwynedd
Capital Value £'m 100
Abergele Hospital Energy Management PFI Hospitals Conwy
Capital Value £'m 0.31
Bronglais Hospital Energy Management Project PFI
Energy Ceredigion
Car parking/security Morriston Hospital
PFI Hospitals Swansea Capital Value £'m 0.3
Chepstow Community Hopsital
PFI Hospitals Monmouthshire
Capital Value £'m 10
Denbighshire County Council – Council Offices
PFI Offices Denbighshire
Capital Value £'m 12.1
Glan Clwyd Hospital Renal and Diabetes Unit PFI
Hospitals Denbighshire Capital Value £'m3.4
Llandough Hospital Contract Energy Management and Combined Heat and Power
PFI Hospitals Vale of Glamorgan Capital Value £'m 0.6
Llandough Hospital Staff Nursery and Day Nursery PFI
Hospitals Vale of Glamorgan Capital Value £'m 1.6
Lloyd George Avenue and Callaghan Square
PFI Roads Cardiff Capital Value £'m45
Neath Port Talbot Hospital
PFI Hospitals Neath & Port Talbot
Capital Value £'m 66
Neville Hall Endoscopy and Day Surgery Unit
PFI Hospitals Monmouthshire
Capital Value £'m 3.5
Neville Hall Hospital Energy Management Project
PFI Hospitals Monmouthshire
Capital Value £'m 3.3
Newport Southern Distributor Road
PFI Roads Newport
Capital Value £'m 57.1
OSIRIS (Office Infrastructure Review and implementation Strategy) -IT
PFI IT Infrastructure
Wales Wide Capital Value £'m 64.4
Pembroke Dock Primary School
PFI Primary Pembrokeshire
Capital Value £'m 8
Pembrokeshire and Derwen NHS Trust Energy Management
PFI Hospitals
Capital Value £'m0.25
Prince Philip Hospital Contract Energy Management and Combined Heat and Power
PFI Hospitals Carmarthenshire
Capital Value £'m 0.3
Royal Glamorgan Hospital Staff residences
PFI Hospitals Rhondda Cynon Taff
Capital Value £'m 2.5
Royal Gwent Hospital and St Woolos Hospital Energy Management Project
PFI Hospitals
Newport Capital Value £'m 4
Singleton Hospital Incinerator replacement
PFI Hospitals Swansea
Capital Value £'m 0.65
Sirhowy Enterprise Way Road Scheme
PFI Roads Caerphilly Capital Value £'m 34.3
St David's Community Hospital
PFI Hospitals Cardiff Capital Value £'m16
Sully Hospital Contract Energy Management and Waste
PFI Hospitals Vale of Glamorgan
Capital Value £'m 0.92
University Hospital of Wales Car Parks
PFI Hospitals Cardiff Capital Value £'m 5.82
University Hospital of Wales Main Entrance and Concourse
PFI Hospitals Cardiff Capital Value £'m1
University Hospital of Wales Sterile Services
PFI Hospitals Cardiff Capital Value £'m 2
Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni & Lewis Boys
PFI Secondary Caerphilly Capital Value £'m 25
Ysgol Gyfun Penweddig, Penweddig Secondary School
PFI Secondary Ceredigion Capital Value £'m 12
Conwy Schools Project PFI Secondary
Conwy Capital Value £'m 40.7
South Wales Fire Service - Fire Training Facility
PFI Emergency Services Rhondda Cynon Taff
Capital Value £'m7.2
Rhondda Cynon Taf Schools & Lifelong Learning Centre
PFI Primary & Secondary Rhondda Cynon Taff
Capital Value £'m 27.2
DVLA - Estates Transformation Project
PFI Offices Swansea Capital Value £'m 1.8
Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust - Monnow Court
PFI District Community Trusts
Monmouthshire Capital Value £'m 4
Bridgend County Borough Council - Maesteg Secondary School
PFI Secondary Bridgend Capital Value £'m 24

Plaid Cymru wants bonds not partnerships ... News Article 21/03/2007 Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, wants to fund new roads, schools and hospitals through bon...

UNISON Jan 2006 highlight a new form of PPP to build and develop health centres and surgeries NHS LIFT is a public-private partnership (PPP)
to redevelop and replace primary care facilities (buildings like health centres and GP surgeries).
LIFT was launched in 2001 and there are now 51 LIFT schemes in England, involving 155 out of
303 PCTs. .........there are plans to introduce it in Wales and Northern Ireland.
LIFT involves several PCTs4 coming together to select a ‘private sector partner’ and form a local LIFT company (LIFTCo), which will build, own and maintain the new buildings. Mental health trusts (MHTs) and local authorities may also be involved. LIFTCos are companies limited by share capital – i.e. private companies run to make a profit, but not publicly traded on the stock exchange.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hain admits Labour has 'lost touch'
Peter Hain has said that the Labour leadership has "lost touch" with the electorate.
Has he just worked that out? Shows how out of touch Labour are. Most boring Welsh election ever. Spin and more spin...does Rhrodri Morgan think that people will stick with labour to see fines for littering? Blogs just as dull.. are we riveted by coalition talk by Chanticleer, or ordovicius, or blamerbellbriefs, or post Rhodri fight sporting allegories over represented, yawn,
most boring ..plaid launched website for y people? Brown in Cardiff North, wow, i was there all day and didn't spot a thing amiss 0725 to paddington

Poverty is political

Check it out - great t-shirts at War on want

Full Frontal Feminism

By Laura Barcella, AlterNet. Posted April 24, 2007.
Jessica Valenti's new book aims to make women's rights cool again -- to make feminism a lifestyle as well as a movement. Read an excerpt from the book and her conversation with AlterNet.
Editor's Note: An excerpt from Full Frontal Feminism follows the interview.

As executive editor of the popular blog ("by and for young feminists"), Jessica Valenti has schooled millions of readers on the issues that affect everyday women. Her cadre of feisty female bloggers cover everything from breaking news (the heartbreaking federal abortion ban) to pop culture indignities (sexism in reality TV) with smarts, passion and political aplomb.

As the public face of Feministing, 28-year-old Valenti has helped bring third-wave feminism to the masses. But she doesn't only want to reach the stereotypical feminist suspects (women's studies majors and middle-aged, middle-class white women). In her new book, "Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters," Valenti hopes to pass the political torch to younger women who might feel and act like feminists but be too freaked out to call themselves that. The book is written in a light, sometimes sarcastic tone that aims to make women's rights cool again -- to make feminism a lifestyle as well as a movement.

US Health care worse than Cuba

Controversial Michael Moore Flick "Sicko" Will Compare U.S. Health Care with Cuba's (Don Hazen, AlterNet. April 23, 2007.) USA today here in UK tomorrow!

Moore's new film, debuting in Cannes this May, tackles the failures of the U.S. health care system, and includes a segment where 9/11 rescue workers visit Cuba for treatment they couldn't get in America.

Sicko, which will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May, is a comic broadside against the state of American health care, including the mental health system. The film targets drug companies and the HMOS in the richest country in the world -- where the most money is spent on health care, but where the U.S. ranks 21st in life expectancy among the 30 most developed nations, obviously in part due to the fact that 47 million people are without health insurance.

The average health insurance premiums for a family of four are $10,880, which exceeds the annual gross income of $10,712 for a full-time, minimum-wage worker. In addition, the lack of insurance causes 18,000 excess deaths a year while people without health insurance have 25 percent higher mortality rates. Fifty-nine percent of uninsured people with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes skip medicine or go without care.

Health care advances in Cuba

According to the Associated Press as cited in the Post article, "Cuba has made recent advancements in biotechnology and exports its treatments to 40 countries around the world, raking in an estimated $100 million a year. ... In 2004, the U.S. government granted an exception to its economic embargo against Cuba and allowed a California drug company to test three cancer vaccines developed in Havana."

Although trip participants signed confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from talking about the trip, some thought the trip a success. From the NY Post:
America's second-class health care system

Clearly one of the themes of Moore's films, highlighted by the trip to Cuba, is to challenge the myth that the U.S. has superior health care when compared with other countries. In a recent AlterNet article, attorney Guy Saperstein explained,
"The World Health Organization ranks health care systems based on objective measures of medical outcomes: The United States' health care system currently ranks 37th in the world, behind Colombia and Portugal; the United States ranks 44th in the world in infant mortality, behind many impoverished Latin American countries. While infant mortality in the United States is skewed toward poor people, who have rates double the wealthy, the top quintile of the U.S. population has infant mortality rates higher than Canadians in the lowest quintile of wealth.

"The United States has fewer physicians, nurses and hospital beds than most developed nations. In the United States, 28 percent say it is "difficult to get care"; in most European countries, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, 15 percent say that. In terms of continuity of care (i.e., five-plus years with the same doctor), the United States is the worst of all developed nations. By every objective measure, the United States has a second-rate health care system."

New Labours 5.3 million losers

The Labour party send me a leaflet with Rhrodri Morgan saying that families will be better off and he will abolish child poverty? If I vote for Sophie Howes New Labour policy then I am voting to make poverty worse! Labour in wales is seeing the poor getting poorer? So how will they manage that while making parents worse off and making families poorer? The Uproar over Labour's claim that families in Wales were £5,000 better off since devolution is quite justified and dismissed by opposition parties as "contrived and ridiculous" .(Martin Shipton, Western Mail)

More people are poor than the gov admits and what do they do..... increase tax for the poorest...5.3 million people 'losers' after the abolition of the 10p rate in income tax, reduction in the 22p band to 20p and realignment of national insurance contributions with the upper 40p band. oh and don't forget that PCS members are on strike may 1 about job losses and low pay.
Extra 100,000 adults in poverty

Rise in poverty worse than stated Tania Branigan, political correspondent Tuesday April 24, 2007 The Guardian

The increase in people living in poverty is worse than official figures claimed, it emerged yesterday, after the Department of Work and Pensions found its statistics had underestimated the rise by 100,000.

...Yesterday's correction showed the total rising from 12.1m in 2004-5 to 12.8m (not, as thought, 12.7m) in the last financial year. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has ascribed the rise in poverty to increases in tax credits and benefits lagging behind the rise in average earnings last year. The work and pensions secretary, John Hutton, said the error occurred because incorrect population estimates were used. He said it did not affect the child poverty figures. Children in low income households rose for the first time in six years - by 200,000 - to 3.8m.

Poor adults of working age rose from 5.3m to 5.4m.

UK MPs call for income tax change impacts to be listed in Budget 'Red Book'04.23.07, 11:18 AM ET

LONDON (Thomson Financial) - The impact of income personal tax changes imposed by the Treasury should be listed in the Budget's 'Red Book' so people can easily work out how they will be affected, a group of MPs said today.
Parliament's powerful Treasury Select Committee discovered during its probe into last month's Budget that 5.3 mln people would be 'losers' after the abolition of the 10p rate in income tax, reduction in the 22p band to 20p and realignment of national insurance contributions with the upper 40p band.
'An important part of any change to the personal tax regime must be that both winners and losers can identify, with ease, how they are affected by the changes stated within a Budget package,' the committee said.
The Treasury has maintained that 'losers' under the tax changes would recoup lost cash by claiming higher tax credits.However, take-up of these credits is poor, with 75 pct of those entitled not claiming.

Income Tax - lowest paid who found themselves out of pocket by the changeThe chancellor, Gordon Brown, faces a Labour backbench challenge over his decision to abolish the 10p income tax band from next April, it emerged.
Frank Field, the former Labour welfare reform minister, said that an amendment would be tabled "when the time comes" to provide "transitional protection" for those made worse off.
He challenged the Tories to support Labour backbenchers in a move to help the lowest paid who found themselves out of pocket by the change.

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Labour Ruth Kelly waters downs equality measure

'Kelly under attack for setback on pay equality'
She's been accused of watering down the equality measure to close pay gaps between men and women.

NO BNP ON THE LICENCE FEE! - IN WALES Unite against Fascism - Emergency Mass Demonstration

Supported by National Union of Journalists and Bectu - Bring banners, placards, people etc. to stop the Nazis!

Pull the plug on the BNP Party Political Broadcast in Wales • Emergency picket outside BBC Wales, 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 24th April

Complain to broadcasters Pickett 6-7pm Tuesday 24th April, BBC Wales Offices, Broadcasting House, Llantrisant Rd Llandaff,CF5 2YQ

For more information contact Unite Against Fascism on:07790 022 472 / 07734 032 314 supported by NUJ and BECTU Please complain to the stations below:
BBC Wales (Broadcasting on BBC Wales 1 and 2 Tuesday 24 April)08700 100 222 / Textphone: 08700 100 212online complaint form:

ITV Wales (Broadcasting on Monday 23rd April): 02920 590590 / Email: dutyoffice@itv.comS4C (Broadcasting on Tuesday 24th April) : 0870 600 4141 / Textphone: 01766 514410 / Email:


The fascist British National Party (BNP) is fielding 20 candidates for all seats in the 5 regions for Welsh Assembly. It is scheduled to have a party political broadcast on ITV Wales on 23 April 2007 and on BBC Wales 1 and 2 and on S4C on 24 April 2007. By standing this number of candidates the fascist BNP aims to gain access to public funds, free distribution of election materials and media broadcasts.

Comprehensive editing was insisted on by S4C for the Welsh language version. The BNP's editing of their Party Election Broadcast for broadcast on S4C rendered most of it incomprehensible. We invite all those who uphold the principles of equality and oppose the politics of race hate and fascism to call on:
The BBC and independent television companies not to give uncritical air-time to the racist and fascist views of the British National Party in the course of the elections this year.
The government to propose an amendment to the Representation of the People Act so that explicitly racist parties cannot have their election literature circulated free of charge.
The government to strengthen Part 3 of the Public Order Act of 1986 so that prosecutions for incitement to racial hatred will be easier to bring and more likely to succeed.

Wales to become Car Park

Wales to become car park!The Spoof (satire) - 20 Apr 2007

Some of the best specialists in this field feel that this is the only way forward to resolve traffic congestion over the next century".
Transport Minister, Douglas Alexander, has unveiled radical plans to tackle the UK's congestion problems. This plan has been heralded as a new dawn in car parking and could arguably be the largest "Park and Ride" project on the face of the planet.

Should there be an election for Labour leader?

Have your say .............the BBC website is running a poll on whether there should be an election for LP leader:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Labour Tory polices & 2 Horse Lies?

New Labour leaflet tells me that it's a two horse race between New Labour and the Torys.
See this story as it illustrates the dirty tricks New Laboutr has resorted to win votes.
- Fury over Plaid coalition 'lies' Apr 21 2007 Martin Shipton, Western Mail
PLAID CYMRU last night dramatically offered to hold talks with Labour to stop any prospect of the Conservatives entering government in Wales.The move was Plaid
leader Ieuan Wyn Jones's response to the "lies" he claimed Labour was peddling in suggesting he was willing to serve in a Tory-led coalition.

Insisting he would not contemplate such a coalition he said, "Labour keeps peddling this story and therefore they are calling into question, frankly, my integrity."In a sense they are calling me a liar... It's time for Labour to stop peddling this lie, make it clear that they accept my word and not repeat it again."
New Labour wants me to vote for Cllr Asbo Sophie Howe who can't sort out Whitchurch parking problems or a skate board park for young people as a councillor so what can she achieve in the Assembly? Her emphasis on anti social behaviour and all this talk of yobs and thugs is unpleasant and right wing. I think politicans should try and mollify and allay peoples fear of crime rather than exacerbate it.
Where did the idea to tackling anti-social behaviour using ASBOs come from? According to Will McMahon of the Crime and Society Foundation, Asbos were first touted by right-wing criminology think-tanks in the mid-1990s as a way of modernising an arcane and cumbersome body of statutes regulating housing law and neighbourly disputes. Though rejected by the Major government as unworkable, they found favour with New Labour.
Rising fear of youth crime saw 'ungovernable' or 'incorrigible' children ordered into a reform programme as far back as 1806, according to archive material made available by the young people's charity Rainer. The historical equivalent of 'anti-social behaviour' saw children as young as nine referred to the Philanthropic Society in an attempt to reform them before they became involved in crime.

New Labour is moving social policy backwards in two ways:
first, through the re-emergence of the “problem family”, a concept stemming from the 1950s which blames families themselves for their social problems;
second, by the sense of déjà vu that long-serving social care professionals will feel as a result of the government’s approach. “The government is repeating the cycle of analysis by Sir Keith Joseph, Conservative social services minister in the 1970s, which is that problem families are
the source of all our problems” Vote New Labour get New Labour Tories.
Now are public services better under New Labour in Wales?
Privatisation has led to Turkey Twizzlers and MRSA and not getting better.....Jobs lost in closed job centres Wales, regional pay so that workers in Merthyr get less than those in Cardiff and those less than Bristol?
PCS doesn't think our public services are safe with Welsh New Labour.
It is what Welsh New Labour & Rhrodri Morgan & Cardiff North Sophie Howe don't say in their leaflets that it won't
1. cut civil service jobs in the devolved and
non-devolved civil service in Wales.
2.provide well staffed local offices providing the public with the option of face to face contact.
3. stop privatising public services.
4. agree that Welsh civil servants deserve fair play on pay
5. introduce regional pay in the public sector.

Privatised jobs = no job or worse pay = more child poverty in Wales
Notice that New Labour formerly 'Welsh Labour' now just Labour in 2007 Welsh elections?

Friday, April 20, 2007

John Pratt UKIP!!!!

In Cardiff North, hotly contested marginal in the Welsh Elections we have John Frederick Pratt from UKIP!!! I wonder what the odds are on him or not.

And we had realised we already had his friend LLewellyn David St Vincent ??? ummm..that the one in the picture!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Barnardos chief attacks 'Dishonest' child poverty pledge

Martin Narey attacks government’s “dishonest” child poverty pledge -

Or at least that doing any more is too difficult and too expensive,” Narey, who chairs the campaign group End Child Poverty said. “The reality is that progress has faltered. The number of children living in poverty has stopped falling and has now begun ...

The former head of the prison service hit out at political parties’ “meaningless” commitment to the target and accused the government of complacency.
“There is no escaping an impression that the government believe they have done enough. Or at least that doing any more is too difficult and too expensive,” Narey, who chairs the campaign group End Child Poverty said. “The reality is that progress has faltered. The number of children living in poverty has stopped falling and has now begun to rise again.”

In the speech to the Public Policy and Management Association in London, Narey also said the numbers of children in prison was “shameful” and attacked the “corrosive short termism” of political decision-making in the Home Office.
He also called for better support for asylum-seeking children and children in care.

...must agree and to tackle child poverty we must tackle parent poverty - increase the minimum wage and stop privitising the civil service and putting parents out of work or onlower wages.


Lib Dem's boast of success in A GRAND OPENING FOR the most Horrid LIBRARY GATES - ugh! Really? What a dreadful blot on the landscape - shame - would it really cost much more to make attractive, even elegant gates, at least pleasing to the eye? Not these prison type gates!

Was there really no alternative?
1. to the style of gates and
2. the gates themselves. Public land closed to the public is not good and
3. there are concerns about rights of way with people persuaded that locking and gating paths is the only way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something to change the world you can do today - Climate Change Bill

Message from Friends of the Earth
The Government has published a consultation on its Climate Change Bill. This Bill, if passed, will make emission reduction targets legally binding. This is great news and a campaign victory for Friends of the Earth’s ‘The Big Ask’ campaign.However, the Bill is not perfect and needs to be improved. In particular, the Bill does not include rapidly growing emissions from international aviation and shipping. Research has shown that, without tackling emissions from aviation, the Government’s climate targets could be impossible to meet.Please take action and tell the Government that the Bill must include aviation and shipping. Click here and put your views into the consultation.

Blogger betting news from Ordovicius ?

The 'male' bloggers amuse themselves with betting odds. The campaigns are so dull. Big ideas like litter picking - think environment - think rubbish - so sad. Try reducing our carbon footprint . Recycle an old idea - a tax on plastic shopping bags in the Republic of Ireland has cut their use by more than 90% and raised millions of euros in revenue.Tackle the problem of chewing gum litter, how about a 10% anti-litter tax on chewing gum? I hope Rhrodri Morgan and Organge Chris are picking up the gum and I can suggest outside Central Station as a good place to start.

There is
betting on the Welsh Assembly elections but the markets have attracted almost zero interest, see Political Betting.
Ordovicius, whose daily reads are sooo male dominated - how sexist is that? Aren't you a tad pedantic
. ... must mention Arsembly and of course Chanticleer who finds my views hard to understand. Back to the betting Jon in the lead. Haven't seen a single Tory poster yet. Keep quiet - don't mention the election.

Conservative (Jonathan Morgan) 1-3
Labour 15-8
Lib Dems 25-1
Plaid Cymru 50-1
"It's very difficult to see Labour keeping this after Sue Essex's resignation. Cardiff North will be returning to its Conservative roots this time" comments Karl.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brown facing no-confidence debate

The Conservatives are set to call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Gordon Brown over his 1997 decision to scrap tax relief on pension funds.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cardiff’s Catwalk for Fair Trade Fashion

Fair Do’s, Wales’ premier fair trade shop, will soon be hosting a gala extravaganza of fairly traded fashion from around the world. This showcase event will take place at The Gate Arts Centre, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff, on Saturday 5 May, at 7.30pm.
During the event, the Global Journey banner will be displayed and the international statement about fair trade read out in both English and Welsh, marking Wales' pioneering steps towards achieving fair trade country status. The Global Journey banner of the Fair Trade Organisation mark began its journey in Mumbai, India in 2004, and Wales will be one of the last countries it visits after its worldwide tour.
Tickets for the fashion show evening cost £5 (£3 for under 16s) and include a free glass of fair trade wine of fruit juice. Tickets can be ordered from Fair Do’s at 10 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff, or by phone on (029) 2022 2066.

Nuclear Power - does your party support it?

Assembly Election Manifestos

The Green Party in Wales is known to be staunchly anti nuclear.

New Labour
A section on Green Wales proclaims that Wales could become a world leader in renewable energy, and states that the key to tackling climate change is harnessing the enormous potential of micro-generation and energy efficiency. This is somewhat spoilt by "We recognise that nuclear power generation remains an option in the debate on reducing carbon emissions in any future mixed energy supply."

Nuclear power is not mentioned.
The world cannot afford any delay in tackling climate change. Energy conservation and efficiency is the biggest, cheapest, quickest and most practical way of cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Liberal Democrats
We say no to new nuclear power, an unsafe toxic treasure trove for the future. We want all new buildings to be carbon-neutral by 2015. Aim for renewable energy to supply 100% of Wales’ electricity by 2050. As a milestone target, our aim is 30% of our electricity supply coming from renewable energy by 2020.

Welsh Conservatives would provide every household in Wales with £20 worth of energy saving light bulbs financed by our investment fund.
We want to see all the green technologies come forward and play their part, but nuclear cannot be ruled out. Welsh Conservatives would be prepared to replace the Wylfa nuclear power station as part of a wide ranging policy to reduce reliance on carbon based energy.

RESPECT oppose nuclear power on principle,
Cons are pro nuclear in Wales. Labour is slippery, and Plaid are unable to say anything because their leader wants nuclear and the party overwhelmingly does not.

Only the Greens, Lib Dems and Respect are clearly anti nuclear.

1. The Leader of Plaid explains why there manifesto doesn't oppose nuclear power:"The reason there is no reference to nuclear energy in our manifesto is because it is a non-devolved issue, with decisions taken at Westminster."This was the same argument used by the leader of Welsh Labour to justify his lack of position on Iraq.It attracted ridicule then & it deserves ridicule now.It is also a little disingenuous.In both their 1999 and 2003 ASSEMBLY Manifesto's Plaid has previously taken a position on nuclear power - only in 2007 does it suddenly become a devolved issue that therefore doesn't require comment

2. I have always thought that you can't be a real green without being a red, (and conversely you can't be a real red without being a green)The trouble with the Green Party is in power at local government level they have often supported cuts in local services and neoliberal attacks on working conditions. In some places, like Leeds, they even form coalitions with the Tories! Like Labour their are some good socialists who are members but in power they probably would go down the same route. I read this critique recently:"In the London Borough of Lewisham, in March, the Greens voted with Labour for a budget that will result in £800,000 of cuts, threatening community education services. Darren Johnson, the leader of the Green group, and a prominent figure in the party nationally, called those opposing the cuts irresponsible.In Kirklees, West Yorkshire, the three Green councillors were previously part of a joint Lib-Dem/Green administration and allied themselves with the present Tory ruling group in recently pushing through, along with the Liberals, a budget that could result in the closure of three children's nurseries and an increase in home care charges. In return the Greens got a paltry pledge that cavity wall and loft insulation will be provided for homes in the area. The gap between the actions of Green councillors and their party's 'left' programme to oppose neo-liberalism, is widening all the time, although they have some way to go to match the opportunism of the German Greens. When they were part of the German government, the German Greens ended up backing a ferocious Thatcherite onslaught on the working class and sending troops for the imperialist intervention in Afghanistan."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Red Dragons guide to who isn't standing in your area!

Cardiff North

Sue Lent

Jenny Randerson

Thomas Whitfield

Frank Hughes

How Do You Vote and Who For? Good idea but this is all wrong - suggest you check it out. Wrong seat .... for this lot.. the people below are standing for Cardiff North...confused..Dai Llewellyn who IS that? You might well ask! For only info so far ... click here...idiot.. see below

Cardiff South and Penarth Jonathan Morgan Sophie Howe Ed Bridges Daii Llewellyn

"Wales would be a much greater country without the bully-boy tactics used to ram the Welsh language down her people's throats."
Commenting on the same decision.

"At my age and weight, it's taking me about a month to laugh the ladies into bed."
On the survey claiming British men take 31 minutes to seduce a woman.

Why another of Labour's heartlands is becoming more restive. A rumbling in the valleys

....Though it is set soon to get powers more akin to Scotland's, until now the Assembly has been permitted only to amend laws made in Westminster, and then only in certain areas. Rhodri Morgan, Wales's Labour first minister, reckons listening to the Assembly's orators is as diverting as watching paint dry.

.........And now, if a recent poll by NOP for ITV Wales is accurate, Labour will lose four of the 29 Assembly seats it currently holds (there are 60 in all) in the May elections. A single survey is unlikely to be very accurate, but there are three reasons to think that it picked up something real.

First, the swing against Labour fits the national picture. The party is unloved across Britain right now, with support in the polls only a few points above the levels the Tories sank to in the mid-1990s. Even though Mr Morgan has done his best to distinguish Welsh Labour in style and substance from the cappuccino-drinking Westminster variety—he thinks that New Labour is merely a passing fad and remarks that global warming would be a boon to tourism in Wales—his party still suffers from Labour's national funk.

A second reason is that both the main opposition parties (the Conservatives and the nationalist Plaid Cymru) are scoring points against the party in power. The poorest part of Britain, Wales has also grown less rapidly than the rest (see map). The Tories and the nationalists have attacked Labour for wasting the £2 billion ($4 billion) of European Union funding that has come Wales's way. A recent study shows that the cash has not had much impact, and the money will shortly dry up anyway, for Wales does not look so needy when compared with Romania and Bulgaria. Both parties have also criticised Labour for the state of the unreformed health service, which lags behind its cousin in England even though it has enjoyed the same investment splurge.....

Apr 12th 2007 | CARDIFF
From The Economist print edition

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gp to a Political Hustings meeting in your area

- Sun 15th April, Swansea - televised BBC hustings meeting. Email or ring 08700 100 775 for information or to get tickets.

- Tue 17th April - Cardiff North - Rhiwbina Baptist Church, 7.30 pm - organised by Evangelical Alliance (contact: Jim Stewart, tel: 07921 080464).

- Wed 18th April, Cardiff - Temple of Peace, Cardiff, 7.30 pm - organised by Cardiff Stop the War Coalition/United Nations Association. -

Wed 18th April, Newport - King's Hotel, 7.15 pm - organised by Friends of the Earth. - Sun 22nd April, Llandudno - televised BBC hustings meeting. Email or ring 08700 100 775 for information or to get tickets.

- Wed 25th April, Newport West - Bethel Church, Stow Hill - organised by Evangelical Alliance (contact: Jim Stewart, tel: 07921 080464).- Wed 25th April, Clwyd West - Capel Salem, Colwyn Bay, 7.30 pm - organised by Evangelical Alliance (contact: Peter Levers, tel: 01492 531984).-

Thu 26th April, Cardiff Central - Glenwood Church, Llanedeyrn, 7.30 pm - organised by Evangelical Alliance (contact: Jim Stewart, tel: 07921 080464).

- Sun 29th April, Cardiff - televised BBC hustings meeting. Email or ring 08700 100 775 for information or to get tickets.

What disarmament initiatives will Britain bring to the table?

CND Action: Write to your MP today
The 2007 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee will meet beginning on the 30th of April to work on an agenda of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. The agenda will be discussed in full at the 2010 NPT Review Conference.
Britain and the other Nuclear Weapon States are required under Article VI of the NPT to ‘pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a Treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control.’
Write to your MP today, asking her/him to find out from the government what nuclear disarmament initiatives it will be pursuing at the 2007 NPT Prep Com in Vienna. A draft Nuclear Weapons Convention, which would ban all nuclear weapons, is already lodged with the UN.
Click here for a recent poll which shows that 64% of the British public want the government to support such a Convention.
Click here to find your MP’s contact details.

Before you Vote at the Welsh Assembly elections ask the cndidates where they stand on thi issue.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Labour trying to look cool on utube..ugh!

Tony Blair sneaked in and out of Wales talking about 'traditional' labour values to an audience of business people!??? Can someone have a quiet word or is there no one who knows about LABOUR traditional values left in NEW LABOUR ..will the last socialist to leave..oh dear..too latethen, is it? Did anyone spot the Welsh New labour candidates?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Labour Ruth Kelly 'faith schools' play no part in segregation?

Messianic Ruth Kelly - where does she live..did you see her enquiry into cohesion that is dangerous, counterproductive and blinkered

The enquiry set up by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly aimed at finding ways to challenge "barriers to integration and cohesion" has published an interim report that the National Secular Society has condemned as contradictory and counterproductive.

The Commission for Integration and Cohesion's report suggests that "faith schools" play no part in segregation while at the same time admitting that school is probably the best way to break down barriers between communities.

The report dismisses those who oppose faith schools on the grounds that they are divisive as "obsessed", and accuses them of using it as a 'red herring' yet, at the same time, an opinion poll commissioned to go with the report concludes that "Going to school or college together emerged as the top way of encouraging interaction." It cites as evidence 47% of people "identifying using shared education resources as a motivation towards mixing together".

I come from Belfast where faith education can only be described as divisive and as for faith gropups running public services, there was plenty of that in Ireland the The Magdalene Sisters were keen on this approach.

A survey just released by Tearfund, a relief and development agency working in partnership with Christian churches, confirms that a significant majority of the population are not involved in churches and do not hold the most basic of Christian beliefs. In fact two thirds of the UK population ‘have no connection’ with the church and that only a quarter ‘believe in a personal god’, just one of the several minimum requirements to qualify as a Christian

Scottish New Labour manifesto out today

The Scottish Labour Manifesto is out today. It says there should be a 50% renewables target for 2020; and it has good mentions of Decentralised Energy, but........

I am told that Scottish Labour will adopt an energy policy that gives consideration to all sources of energy including renewable, nuclear, gas, coal and oil and we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure supply of electricity which is sustainable and affordable. Whilst we recognise there are ongoing concerns about different sources of energy generation, we will not rule out any single energy source, as this may risk both the security of our electricity supply and thousands of jobs across Scotland. Scottish Labour will work to resolve how nuclear waste can be managed and disposed of safely.

Do we really want jobs like this?

St Athan development must include better public transport links, Sir Menzies Campbell?

I fear he means new roads. Sir Menzies Campbell and Lib Dem's support St Athans new military academy where there won't be anything like 5000 new jobs. Jobs are being lost all over the UK to be moved to the super PFI privatised military academy run by the biggest arms dealers - PCS say over 20,000 MoD jobs under threat from either job cuts or privatisation.

Did anyone ask the people of Wales if they wanted this mega killing school.
See the campaign against St Athans links on this blog - right handside further down.

Stop ripping the heart out of our public servicesOur national campaign to protect jobs and public services has reached a crucial stage with news of compulsory redundancies amongst our membership, mounting pay problems and accelerating privatisation.

On this campaign sub-site you can sign our on-line petition which will be presented in parliament and e-mail your MP. Do we want to tackle child poverty - More information and other campaign activities can be found at



Respect statement
on Plaid Cymru dropping opposition to nuclear power

RESPECT Wales are shocked to hear that Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru, has stated that – in principle – he supports the building of a new nuclear power station in Anglesey. This represents a historic break with Plaid’s policy of supporting a nuclear free Wales.

This is bad news for every anti-nuclear campaigner in the UK. New Labour want to build a new generation of nuclear power stations, Plaid have undermined the fightback against nuclear power everywhere by supporting this plant and strengthened the hand of Blair, Brown and the pro-nuclear lobby. And behind nuclear power lies the spectre of nuclear weapons . . .

RESPECT believes that nuclear power cannot be part of the solution to climate change because:

• Nuclear power is costly. It relies on government subsidies of billions of pounds that would be better spent on developing renewable energy.
• Nuclear power is not carbon neutral as its supporters claim. At every stage of the production cycle, from the mining of uranium to the building of reactors and the storage of waste products, greenhouse gases are pumped into the atmosphere and other pollutants leaked into the local environment.
In Southern Australia, the Olympic Dam uranium mine is the region’s largest producer of C02. The mine has also caused huge environmental damage with some of the most ancient springs in the Australian outback are drying up.
• Nuclear power is unsafe. From Chernobyl to Three Mile Island nuclear power has been disastrous. In Sellafield, leukaemia and cancer rates have rocketed in the vicinity of the power station.
There is still no solution to the storage/disposal of nuclear waste. An Observer article in July 2002 reported, “almost 90% of Britain’s hazardous nuclear stockpile is stored so badly it could explode or leak with devastating results at any time”.

According to a study by Friends of the Earth Cymru, Wales’ current electricity needs could and should be met entirely by renewable energy.

In a July 2005 briefing they write:

“Wind energy, offshore and onshore could generate around 30 per cent. Underwater turbines could generate up to 50 per cent. Biomass, solar power and hydroelectric schemes could also make smaller, but significant contributions to make up the difference. Tidal lagoons in the Severn estuary could generate more electricity than Wales needs. Wave energy and tidal streams are other technologies that could be considered.”

RESPECT believe the climate crisis must be solved through a combination of renewables, energy efficiency measures including a massive programme of building insulation, a shift from private motoring towards public transport, and a rapid transition to a low carbon economy.

We demand:
• Emergency steps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, alongside massively increased investment in sustainable energy – including solar, biological, and wind and wave power.
• Opposition to Rhodri Morgan's tidal barrage and call for investment in tidal lagoon technology that is more cost effective & does not jeopardise local habitats.
• No more oil wars. Troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan.
• An international treaty which goes way beyond Kyoto. Campaign for local councils to cut emissions by 25% over 5 years. We demand the government to set binding annual targets of 3% cuts at Welsh Assembly and UK government level.
• A cheap and integrated transport system to provide an alternative to car use, making the current road building programme unnecessary. Re-direct the £30 billion spent on road building into public transport.
• Localised food production with a big reduction in food miles.
• Sustainable town & city planning.
• Tough action against corporate polluters & companies like Esso.
• Halt airport expansion and end the £9 billion tax-break to the airlines. We oppose the expansion of Cardiff Airport.
• Keep Wales nuclear free. Close all nuclear power plants. Scrap trident nuclear weapons.
• All new buildings to be energy efficient. Increased public investment to make homes energy efficient and free insulation to every home. Build new sustainable council housing.
• High quality facilities to maximise recycling. No to incinerators. The aim should be full recycling of waste. In Neath, Respect supporters initiated the Stop the Incinerator campaign.
• Build a massive grassroots movement to save the planet.

The leadership of Plaid are willing to form a coalition with New Labour or even the Tories. They have supported the St. Athan’s Military academy, now they are supporting Wylfa B nuclear power station.

We invite left wing supporters and members of Plaid to join a party – RESPECT – that stands unequivocally against war, racism, privatisation, destruction of the environment, nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Sack Judge Roderick Evans for freeing child rapist - Sarahs Law?

Chanticleer said...

"Wales would be a poorer place were Roderick Evans to be sacked.
You obviously weren't in court, and haven't even read transcripts or court copy, when you call for him to lost his job. I would suggest checking the facts of a complex case before making sweeping statements that you cannot support."

So you were in court and were convinced that this child should be classed as an adult?
Are you related to Justice Roderick Evans? Are you a young man with very little experience of life?

I have edited this as Chanticleer feels so insulted. Why does he defend the judge and not the child?

Misguided folk give the impression that being "attracted" to children is a sexual orientation rather than a choice to harm them; Let us drop this term pedophile and start to call child rapists just that.

Sarahs Law
Join the debate on on radio 4 today programme now!

The government is to run three pilot schemes allowing school heads and parents information about sex offenders in their areas. Single mothers will also be able to check on new partners. Will this protect communities from paedophiles?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Welsh Assembly election Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan a candidate for Cardiff North sends out a leaflet with SEVEN huge pics of him on it!! Yawn..+ one of his leader Cameron.. yawn...So now we can be sure we know what Jonathan Morgan looks like! Will this swing the vote his way? and I am not putting his pic on here too..

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sack Mr Justice Roderick Evans

Women against Rape

Bad week for women, enough to keep you hiding indoors for ever. Raging ageist and sexists are out there but where is anybody, not least the equal opportunities commission the EOC shouting outrage. In today’s Guardian, Emma Soames is appallingly ageist and sexist and she’s editor of Saga magazine. Nothing left but to put a bag over your head if you take her seriously and don’t forget to get your hands ‘fixed’, don’t show too much skin, dye your hair, ugh!! Moira Stewart is too old but unashamed wrinklies like Michael Parkinson, circa 72 (born 1935), Bruce Forsyth circa 78, (1928)Trevor McDonald 68 (1939)

But the very worst is the unbelievable decision of Mr Justice Roderick Evans, one of Wales' most senior judges to free a Rapist as girl, 10, 'looked older' (reported in Apr 5 2007 Western Mail)

A 20-YEAR-OLD man who had sex with a girl of 10 was yesterday spared jail after a High Court judge agreed his victim looked older.Mr Justice Roderick Evans said he understood why Liam Edgecombe, of Haverfordwest, thought the girl was 16.Taking that into account, he granted Edgecombe a conditional discharge despite him having admitted rape - an automatic charge for anyone who has sex with a child under 13.
Sack Mr Justice Roderick Evans, one of Wales' most senior judges immediately.

If people are racist or homophobic they are castigated straight away but sexist and ageism are not taken seriously. Why isn’t the eq opportunity commission calling for the resignation of this judge?

Is this the same Judge?
Drunken consent is still consent," Mr Justice Roderick Evans told the jury.
Ryairi Dougal was cleared of rape in a landmark case last year because his alleged victim was too drunk to recall events.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rhrodri Morgan - a Lost Man

Close Guantanamo Prison

Bush's top advisors are divided over whether to close Guantanamo prison forever. A massive global outcry could tip the balance. Sign the petition below - we will publish it in key US papers next week:
Four years in Guantánamo - the man who said no to MI5
Vikram Dodd Wednesday April 4, 2007 The Guardian a community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. Its aim is to ensure that the views and values of the world's people -- and not just political elites and unaccountable corporations -- shape global decisions. members are taking action for a more just and peaceful world and a vision of globalization with a human face. Avaaz means voice in a variety of Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages. There are already 1 million people from 182 countries that form the community