Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nestle Spin

Nestling into the British Government Source: The Independent (UK), May 11, 2008
As CMD has reported previously, the infant formula industry in the U.S. is committed to making sure that women aren't, as they put it, made to feel guilty about not breast feeding. But it seems that formula producers are also looking to make inroads in Europe, where rates of breast feeding are far higher than in the U.S.

The Independent "has uncovered strong ties between Nestle, the world's largest baby milk manufacturer, and the Department of Health. Rosie Cooper, a parliamentary private secretary to the Health minister Ben Bradshaw, is undergoing a year-long Industry and Parliament Trust fellowship with Nestle, and in February went for a week to South Africa as a guest of the group to oversee its corporate social responsibility activities."

Three other Labour Party members of Parliament accompanied her at Nestle's expense. Critics are alarmed that the corporation has made such inroads into the government. A spokesperson for Baby Milk Action, which together with UNICEF, Save the Children and the National Childhood Trust, has organized a boycott of Nestle, said "Time and again we see Nestle trying to ingratiate itself with health workers and policymakers through gifts, free trips, sponsorship and so-called partnerships. Surely the Government should not look to companies to fund and organise trips such as this."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rich adv9ise Brown on poverty?

I was reading the article Networked from birth and was reasured that gordon brown was on the right track when I saw that Jennifer Moses, is advising on SOCIAL mobility!! Miss Moses, 45, joined Number 10 as head of special projects in March developing policies designed to alleviate poverty by improving social mobility.
and i read that she spent £500,000 on her 40th birthday party! She also has an offshore mortgage on her £10m London home that could save her thousands of pounds in UK tax.
Remember, Jennifer is the employer who didn’t notice when her secretary stole £1.2 million from her personal account. Her husband spent £17,000 on wine in a single year. Her advice to the Prime Minister must be priceless.
She spent 11 years in banking, with stints in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York. She is married to Ron Beller, an investment banker and founder of the hedge fund Peloton Partners, which was once worth $2 billion. It in effect went bust last month after investments in US mortgages plummeted in value. The couple bought their house in 1999 and took out a loan on it in the Isle of Man in 2004.
Apparently in addition to her previous role on the board of Britain's most fashionable raunchy lingerie firm, Agent Provocateur – slogan “less M&S, more S&M” American-born Ms Moses, 46, is also a former Goldmans executive and the possessor of a multi-million-pound fortune. She has been described by Michael Gove, the Tory education spokesman and a close friend, as a cross between "Eleanor Roosevelt, a character from Sex And the City and a Woody Allen heroine”.
The daily Mail reports that her Downing Street appointment came despite a series of reports she has written as chief executive of the liberal think tank CentreForum which have been openly critical of Mr Brown and the Labour Government. For the past two years Moses has been chief executive of CentreForum, the think tank that specialises in attacking the sacred cows of Labour’s social policy. Doesn't say a lot for them either.
Ms Moses, a libertarian with a social conscience, supports city academies and private money in the state education system - an anathema to many Labour MPs and me too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iraqis allege sex abuse at the British Embassy

Appalling...just gets worse....

'Some KBR managers groped Iraqi staff regularly, paid or otherwise rewarded them for sex and dismissed t

hose who refused or spoke out.' Iraqis allege sex abuse at the British Embassy 08 May 2008 An Iraqi cleaner and two cooks claim that a culture of sexual harassment, abuse and bullying exists at the British Embassy in Baghdad. The middle-aged cleaner told The Times that a British contractor with KBR, the company hired to maintain the embassy’s premises, offered to double her daily pay if she would stay the night with him. When she refused, she said, her pay was cut and she was later dismissed.

The Iraqis accuse the embassy of leaving the abuse unchallenged and failing adequately to respond to complaints against several British managers for KBR. The company was allowed to conduct its own inquiry, an arrangement criticised as a very serious conflict of interest. [See: KBR's Rape Problem By Karen Houppert 17 Apr 2008;
KBR's Flawed Wiring Still Kills G.I.'s, Despite Alert 04 May 2008 Memo: Halliburton failed to purify GIs' water 16 Mar 2006; KBR awarded $385M Homeland Security contract for U.S. detention centers 24 Jan 2006; Contractor served troops dirty food in dirty kitchens 14 Dec 2003. Gee, it all kinda makes you want to stand up and cheer for Muqtada al-Sadr, doesn't it?]