Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women in the Russian Revolution

To mark International Women's Day, /Links International Journal of
Socialist Renewal/ is publishing an excerpt from Resistance Books'
/Comrades in arms: Women in the Russian Revolution/, by Kathy Fairfax,
and making available the entire pamphlet to download in PDF format.
By *Kathy Fairfax*

The popular image of the Russian Revolution is of a revolution made by
men. Ask the person in the street to name a figure from the Russian
Revolution and most could come up with Lenin, Stalin, maybe Trotsky. A
few might have heard of Zinoviev, Kamenev or Bukharin. But how many
would name Kollontai, Armand or Krupskaya? How many know of the women
who helped make revolution in Russia? How many know about the thousands
of female Bolsheviks who marched through the streets of Petrograd in
1917 or shouted revolutionary speeches to cheering crowds or wrote and
distributed pamphlets calling for revolution? In fact, women
revolutionaries inspired the working class the world over and
inaugurated a new era in world history.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's turn this International Women's Day into a day of protest against sexual apartheid!

Let's turn this International Women's Day into a day of protest against sexual apartheid!

The hundredth anniversary of March 8, International Women's Day, is on its way. On this momentous occasion, we proclaim 2008 as the year against sexual apartheid. We call on people everywhere to condemn sexual apartheid and the political Islamic movement that perpetrates
it, and to support egalitarian movements that courageously challenge it.

We invite all to sign the below declaration and call for an end to sexual apartheid.

We, the undersigned, unequivocally oppose sexual apartheid and the subjugation of millions of women living under Islamic rules and laws.

We condemn regimes and the political Islamic movement that perpetrate sexual apartheid, including in Iran.

We support the legitimate struggle of millions of women and men for freedom, equality and universal rights.

Sexual apartheid, like racial apartheid, has no place in the 21 Century.

Monday, February 16, 2009

72% of women are opposed to nuclear power

womens views on nuclear power.

WEN say The government’s decision to give the green light to new nuclear power stations flies in the face of women’s views.

72% of women are opposed to nuclear power.1 A recent survey for WEN2 found that 58% would prefer to live near any other form of power station than nuclear and 86% think the government should prioritise investment in renewable energy as the top measure to tackle climate change. Women have been excluded from the decision making process and our voices are being ignored.

1. WEN, European Commission and Guardian-ICM polls quoted in WEN’s Response to the DTI Energy Review 2006

2. Joint WEN/NFWI survey to inform the Women’s Manifesto on Climate Change 2006.

and another survey...
shows 80% of women are very concerned about climate change. Ninety eight percent of the respondents are keen to see the UK demonstrating world leadership in tackling climate change but 97% don’t think the Government and industry are doing enough.

Women want more green products and carbon labelling of goods (85%), lower prices for environmentally friendly products (85%) and more government grants and incentives for energy efficiency and micro-generation to reduce carbon emissions.

Cardiff Council are certainly not doing enough as the Lib Dems and Plaid carry on with new labour plans to destroy our parks through commercialisation and buld roads and carparks in the park for articulated lorries and sky tv vans!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Gov sneaky move to limit your privacy and liberty

I am concerned about the threat to my liberty and privacy by the Coroners and Justice Bill being rushed through Parliament and you should be too.

Clause 152 of the Bill
is due for its first debate in the Commons on Monday 26th January and would convert the Data Protection Act into its exact opposite. It would allow ministers to make 'Information Sharing Orders', that can alter any Act of Parliament and cancel all rules of confidentiality in order to allow information obtained for one purpose to be used for another.

Write to your mp and ask him/her to p
lease read Part 8 (clauses 151 - 154) of the Coroners and Justice Bill, and oppose the massive enabling powers in the "Information sharing" clause. The Bill contains a number of controversial provisions, but could appear mainly to be about reforming inquests and sentencing. It is due its Second Reading in the Commons on 26th January 2009.

These clauses be given proper Parliamentary scrutiny as this will affect every single one of your constituents, unlike the rest of the Bill. I am concerned that the government will set a timetable that will cut off debate before these proposals - which are at the end of the Bill - are discussed.
The government must keep limits and monitor the information available to officials.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009