Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women in the Russian Revolution

To mark International Women's Day, /Links International Journal of
Socialist Renewal/ is publishing an excerpt from Resistance Books'
/Comrades in arms: Women in the Russian Revolution/, by Kathy Fairfax,
and making available the entire pamphlet to download in PDF format.
By *Kathy Fairfax*

The popular image of the Russian Revolution is of a revolution made by
men. Ask the person in the street to name a figure from the Russian
Revolution and most could come up with Lenin, Stalin, maybe Trotsky. A
few might have heard of Zinoviev, Kamenev or Bukharin. But how many
would name Kollontai, Armand or Krupskaya? How many know of the women
who helped make revolution in Russia? How many know about the thousands
of female Bolsheviks who marched through the streets of Petrograd in
1917 or shouted revolutionary speeches to cheering crowds or wrote and
distributed pamphlets calling for revolution? In fact, women
revolutionaries inspired the working class the world over and
inaugurated a new era in world history.

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