Monday, December 31, 2007

Green wash all round

Happy new year!

Did you see the echo tonight talking about the battle for cardiff council and the parties manifestos.... how green are they ...plenty of greenwash there. Where is the Green party?

Battle to stop incinerator is stepped up but not in Cardiff - PUBLIC meeting has been organised by residents fighting plans to build a massive £140 million waste incinerator. Viridor Waste Management is set to submit ...

New LABOUR GREEN WASH... Wow!! No mention of open cast mining at Ffos y Fran, East Merthyr on the Go green online A CLIMATE change website for Welsh people launched by Environment Minister Jane Davidson. Read

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Minister wants boys to play with fire!

'Let boys play with toy guns' Ministers tell nursery staff - toy guns can help learning and as Tanya Gold in todays Guardian (Men want us lobotomised) could point out, men think with hard round objects in their hands. What genius came 'up' with that idea in the bath?