Friday, April 6, 2007

Sack Mr Justice Roderick Evans

Women against Rape

Bad week for women, enough to keep you hiding indoors for ever. Raging ageist and sexists are out there but where is anybody, not least the equal opportunities commission the EOC shouting outrage. In today’s Guardian, Emma Soames is appallingly ageist and sexist and she’s editor of Saga magazine. Nothing left but to put a bag over your head if you take her seriously and don’t forget to get your hands ‘fixed’, don’t show too much skin, dye your hair, ugh!! Moira Stewart is too old but unashamed wrinklies like Michael Parkinson, circa 72 (born 1935), Bruce Forsyth circa 78, (1928)Trevor McDonald 68 (1939)

But the very worst is the unbelievable decision of Mr Justice Roderick Evans, one of Wales' most senior judges to free a Rapist as girl, 10, 'looked older' (reported in Apr 5 2007 Western Mail)

A 20-YEAR-OLD man who had sex with a girl of 10 was yesterday spared jail after a High Court judge agreed his victim looked older.Mr Justice Roderick Evans said he understood why Liam Edgecombe, of Haverfordwest, thought the girl was 16.Taking that into account, he granted Edgecombe a conditional discharge despite him having admitted rape - an automatic charge for anyone who has sex with a child under 13.
Sack Mr Justice Roderick Evans, one of Wales' most senior judges immediately.

If people are racist or homophobic they are castigated straight away but sexist and ageism are not taken seriously. Why isn’t the eq opportunity commission calling for the resignation of this judge?

Is this the same Judge?
Drunken consent is still consent," Mr Justice Roderick Evans told the jury.
Ryairi Dougal was cleared of rape in a landmark case last year because his alleged victim was too drunk to recall events.

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Chanticleer said...

Wales would be a poorer place were Roderick Evans to be sacked.

You obviously weren't in court, and haven't even read transcripts or court copy, when you call for him to lost his job.

I would suggest checking the facts of a complex case before making sweeping statements that you cannot support.